Josie changed our lives forever, and we know her life has impacted all of our friends and family who prayed for her, rooted for her, and loved her. She was sweet and spunky, small and mighty.

Josie passed away due to necrotizing enterocolitis (NEC) after 5 vibrant weeks of life.

NEC is an intestinal disease that primarily affects premature and medically fragile infants. NEC causes an inflammatory process that can lead to intestinal tissue damage. Surgical NEC survival rates are improving, but according to the CDC, NEC is still a leading cause of overall infant mortality in the United States. Research is still needed to fully understand why NEC occurs, when NEC occurs, how NEC occurs, and which neonates will develop the disease.
Josie passed away on the morning of October 7, 2023. We were called the previous evening to be informed that Josie had developed NEC, and that the team at UNC Chapel Hill was doing absolutely everything they could to save her. Unfortunately, even after surgery, Josie’s NEC was not survivable.

Please consider donating to “Team Josie” to help fight NEC. Our goal of $3,500 represents the 35 days of Josie's life. 
    * 10/12: Wow, you all have blown us away with your generosity in donating to the NEC Society under Josie's name. We have raised our goal to $5,000 to represent her wonderful 5 weeks of life.
    * 10/15: We really appreciate everyone's generosity in helping us reach the new goal so quickly. We're going to bump the goal up to $8,400 to represent Josie's 840 spirited hours of life.

The NEC Society is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to building a world without necrotizing enterocolitis (NEC) through research, advocacy, and education. The NEC Society is a patient-led organization that collaborates with expert clinicians and researchers to better understand, prevent, and treat this devastating neonatal intestinal disease. The NEC Society’s work combines the patient-family perspective with solutions based on the best available scientific evidence.

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  • Lisa Coster

    $1,000.00 / 193 days ago

    Dear Josie, You will always be in our hearts. Love, Grandma & Grandpa Coster

  • Patricia Haigh

    $150.00 / 213 days ago

    Merry Christmas Josie P! We miss you.

  • Kyle Radder

    $75.00 / 226 days ago

  • Anonymous

    $150.00 / 255 days ago

    Josie ❤️

  • Shannon Aldridge

    $50.00 / 267 days ago

    Sending love to the Haighs and for your sweet Josie!

  • Charles Yarber

    $50.00 / 268 days ago

  • Meghan Teten

    $200.00 / 271 days ago

    Josie, although your time with us was short you will forever be a beloved part of the Raleigh Friends Family. We love you

  • Evelyn Sauerbier

    $100.00 / 271 days ago

  • Kathleen Grimme

    $100.00 / 272 days ago

    Sending lots of love and hugs to the Haigh family in honor of baby Josie. She will always be remembered! ❤️the Grimmes

  • Cara Ragusa

    $20.00 / 272 days ago

  • Carol Reed

    $40.00 / 272 days ago

    What an incredible legacy she has left. Never forgotten, always loved

  • Stacey Marvin

    $100.00 / 273 days ago

  • Anonymous

    $300.00 / 274 days ago

    With lots of love we support Team Josie and the donation goal of the Haigh Family. Our love and hearts are with you! Love, Your Soccer Moms.

  • Patricia McIntyre

    $100.00 / 275 days ago

  • Dan & Patrice Fischer

    $50.00 / 275 days ago

    Josie created a wave of love to everyone. We think of her so much with prayers from our homes to many prayer groups and all of our friends. All of the pictures and videos made us feel so close to Josie. Her little soul filled so many hearts. She is a little Angel in God’s arms now. Many hugs coming your way! Love to all of you - Dan & Patrice Fischer ❤️

  • Tom Martin

    $100.00 / 275 days ago

    Thinking and praying for your and sending our love. Tom and Erika Martin

  • Anonymous

    $40.00 / 275 days ago

    We love you, Josie! -Kirby

  • Janet Barber

    $100.00 / 275 days ago

    I wish you peace.

  • Kevin Casady

    $50.00 / 276 days ago

  • Dean Steadman

    $100.00 / 277 days ago

    Please take care of yourselves as wonderfully as you did Josie.

  • Lara Colby

    $100.00 / 277 days ago

  • Amy Jankowski

    $50.00 / 278 days ago

  • Erin Bennett

    $100.00 / 278 days ago

    Josie was so precious and strong. Rest in peace baby girl. -Love Erin and Tristan

  • Lynn Avery

    $100.00 / 278 days ago

  • Keeley Nanry

    $100.00 / 279 days ago

    Sweet Josie, you will forever be loved!

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