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Running for a world without NEC

Jennifer & Noah Canvasser / 26.2 miles for a world without NEC

The families affected by necrotizing enterocolitis are stronger than any marathoner and their stories will carry us across the finish line. ~ Jennifer Canvasser, marathon runner, founder executive director of the NEC Society
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    Jon Caler

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    Marc Dall'Era

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    Have a great run! Always cheering for you guys! Marc and Stephanie Dall’Era

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    Joanne Kapetansky

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    James Griggs

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    Donation in support of Laurel Larsen by James and Carol.

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    Rebekah Canvasser

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    Laurel Larsen

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    Ryan Colligan

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    Great cause. Thanks for doing all you do to raise awareness for a world without NEC. Good luck w the race !

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    Rosemary Kiser

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    Good luck with the run, Louise!

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    Lara Fitch-Polse

    $100.00 / 3 days ago

    You are all an inspiration to be running for a better world! Our thoughts and love are with you, we are cheering you on!!

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    Roger Conrad

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    Roger & Käthe Conrad

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    Esther Conrad

    $200.00 / 3 days ago

    So excited for you both to do this run, Louise and Laurel! I'm grateful to learn more about NEC and to have an opportunity to support efforts to cure this terrible disease. Thank you, and wishing you both a great race on Dec. 4!! - Esther, Renjit and Sathwika

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    Lifting you up as you run for a world without NEC!

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    Bruce Conrad

    $250.00 / 8 days ago

    Good Luck on the run, Louise and team!!!

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    Bruce Conrad

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    Good Luck on the run, Louise!!!

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    Melanie Mayo

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    Louise Conrad

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About Running for a world without NEC


The NEC Society has organized a mighty 24-person team training to complete 26.2 miles (!) in support of the NEC Society. 

WHEN:  December 4, 2022

WHY:  To honor our sons, daughters, grandchildren, and loved ones who have faced a devastating disease like NEC by raising awareness and accelerating vital research.


Your tax-deductible donation will help the NEC Society:

  1. Accelerate urgently needed research 
  2. Implement evidence-based practices
  3. Build a diverse and inclusive movement committed to advocating for infants & families
And much more as we work tirelessly to prevent and improve NEC outcomes. You can learn more about our work at


Necrotizing enterocolitis (NEC) is a devastating intestinal disease that affects thousands of families. In the US, about 500 babies die each year from NEC and thousands are left with lifelong complications like short bowel syndrome. NEC is one of many rare pediatric diseases with inadequate prevention and treatment options. 

The NEC Society is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to building a world without NEC. The NEC Society CIM runners are parents, friends, nurses, doctors, and community members who believe in bringing people together for a cause greater than ourselves. 

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